About Sally Bober's Speech Language Treatment Services

About Sally Bober M.A., C.C.C. & Associates

We are a private speech-language pathology clinic in the Allen/Plano area. We are a group of professionals that are proud to say that "we will do whatever it takes to help the clients that we work with." We take that responsibility very seriously and consistently look for ways to change the way the brain processes information.

We know from our study and research of neuroscience, that the brain is very plastic and can accept changes at any age. That was exciting for our clients and families to learn. Many therapists merely work on "band-aid activities" that make slow changes but do not actually change the timing and processing of that information. All of the individuals that we work with are a puzzle and we, as professionals, must determine which pieces need to be addressed first. We then must plug in particular programs that will make the changes in that area of learning.

We have formed a team of professionals in the immediate area that also feel the commitment to work together and begin to fit in those puzzle pieces. The professionals at our clinic many times are the important case managers that assist the families in making those critical therapy decisions.