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Bone Conduction | Auditory Stimulation Treatment

The Listening Program method of Music-Based Auditory Stimulation is enhanced with the addition of bone conduction technology with the ABT Bone Conduction System. This exciting new technology takes TLP to a whole new level of effectiveness.

Bone Conduction combines the experience of listening to music through modified headphones adding subtle, synchronized acoustic vibration of the skin and skeletal system, engaging the whole body and brain in the listening process. This multi-sensory approach accelerates and expands the benefits of The Listening Program.

The Bone Conduction system is comprised of a small, custom made, pocket sized battery operated headphone amplifier and specialized open-air headphones from Sennheiser that have been modified to include a bone conduction transducer in the headband. It can be used with any ABT recommended portable CD player and is available in several different configurations with the iListen system.

Most listeners of all ages will achieve faster results with The Listening Program with the addition of bone conduction technology. We listen to ourselves through bone conduction and to others through the air. As we speak our entire body resonates due in part to the speed in which sound travels through bone. Our self perception through speech is primarily through the influence of the bone conduction pathway. This is quite different from how we listen to others, whose voices are transmitted through the air.

When the body and brain are stimulated with simultaneous acoustic and somatosensory stimulation, the limbic system is engaged. With the numerous cortical and subcortical brain structures that are part of the limbic system it becomes easily to understand what a profound influence bone conduction technology can have when used with The Listening Program.

Most listeners of all ages will achieve faster results with The Listening Program with the addition of bone conduction technology. The following is a list of circumstances that would indicate the use of TLP with bone conduction:

  • History of ear infections
  • History of middle ear fluid
  • Hearing loss
  • Autism spectrum disorders
  • Sensory processing disorders
  • Over or under arousal
  • Poor self regulation
  • Anxiety
  • Hyperacusis or sound sensitivities
  • Difficulty filtering background sound
  • Gravitational insecurity
  • Poor body awareness
  • Poor posture
  • Balance problems
  • Low muscle tone
  • Poor coordination
  • Poor spatial awareness
  • Expressive speech and language issues
  • Poor vocal production or control
  • Accelerated benefits for all listeners

To become an ABT provider of The Listening Program with Bone Conduction requires special certification. Sally Bober & Associates offers two ways to benefit from this new technology: a ten day intensive program in clinic, one hour per day for five consecutive days with two consecutive days off or the home program which is thirty minutes per day for five consecutive days of each week with two consecutive days off. The preferred protocol is to do the in clinic intensive first to literally jump start the auditory system and then to do the home program to continue with the consistent listening schedule.