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Social Skills

Our social skills protocol is taken from the innovative work and research completed by Michelle Garcia Winner. We can teach social thinking and related social skills to children/adults with the following diagnoses:

Working with individuals with social skills weaknesses takes many tools in the tool box to bring enlightenment to all those who long to develop a meaningful exchange of ideas between individuals of the same peer group, family group, church group, school group or work group. Michelle Garcia Winner has produced a success based curriculum that targets the following areas:

  1. School smarts/Social smarts and Expected Behavior
  2. Unexpected Behavior
  3. Being a Social Detective

In life there are many experiences that we encounter that we do not expect. Often when working with individuals who lack the ability to look objectively, moreover, another person's perspective, they are faced with anxiety about the unknown. Our team of Speech-Language Pathologists look at this phenomenon of the Expected and Unexpected and emphasize ways in which there are opportunities to negotiate between these two concepts. We use a variety of direct and indirect teaching through worksheets, videos and real live situations to provide strategies that can aid in developing important social skills: