Patient Testimonials

The Speech-Language Pathologists at Sally Bober & Associates work to change the lives of their patients by using innovative therapeutic approaches to speech, language, feeding, auditory processing and autism spectrum disorders as well as other development issues.

Below you can read a small sampling of the first-hand experiences of families who have worked with Sally Bober and her speech therapy team. Sally Bober & Associates are dedicated to improving the daily lives of the children they serve.

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Auditory & Social Skills Therapy


"Our daughter Jessica, who is in fourth grade, has been working with the Learning Ears program at Sally's clinic and has made enormous strides in her reading. When she first started she could not read more than a couple of words on a page without help. Now she is reading chapter books and made an A in reading on her last report card! Her reading has gone up at least two levels and her confidence has improved immensely. She will now take part in oral reading during her class and is very proud of her accomplishments. We highly recommend the Learning Ears Program!"


"Dramatic improvement in reading comprehension. Incredible improvement in intonation. Public speaking is clearer.

We have witnessed a dramatic improvement in our son's reading and speech when we used the Learning Ears program. He has made a great improvement in reading comprehension and an incredible improvement in intonation in reading and speech. Sally Bober is wonderful to work with! She is very patient with our son and us and will make a difference in your child's life."


"Amazing Results!

"Thank you so much Ms. Bober for working with Andrew in the past year. His APD test results went from below average to normal – INCREDIBLE!

After a year of your research-based intensive therapies using IM, inTime, The Listening Program, Learning Ears, Social Skills and The Life Propulsion, DVD, Andrew is more confident, more sociable and more successful at school. We are so blessed to have worked closely with you."



"Words cannot begin to express how grateful our family is to Sally Bober and the work that she had done to greatly improve our lives. Before we met Sally, we were the exasperated parents of an extremely frustrated, witty, smart but struggling to read third grade boy! As a former elementary school teacher myself, and after a disappointing Kindergarten year in public school, we decided to home school our son to spend some focused attention on his reading progress, or lack of progress should I say. We spent two long years battling my desire for him to learn to read and his sheer frustration and anger at his inability to do so. He was really trying but he just could not be successful!

By the end of second grade we had done everything we could think of to help our son in this endeavor--we had tried many different curriculums, had him attend special classes, researched and implemented a variety of reading strategies, had his eyes tested multiple times, then finally had him evaluated by a Speech-Language Pathologist in our area. The S-LP diagnosed our son with low working memory and suggested that his issues were primarily behavioral and that "what he really needed was to go to public school." I took her words to heart but did not feel completely comfortable with the diagnosis or her recommendation. So, I continued to research and pray for wisdom. At the same time, we began looking into private schools for children with learning disabilities.

A few weeks later, after much internet surfing and praying, I met a woman and her 11-year-old daughter who had almost exactly the same story as my son and me! They had even spent a few years at the same schools I was researching with no reading success. The only thing they had found that helped was a "woman named Sally Bober in Plano, Texas." After spending some time working with Sally her daughter was, for the first time in her entire life, reading--reading for pleasure! I knew that I must talk with this "miracle worker" right away. I called Sally to set up an appointment and she had the most comforting and encouraging things to say about children in my son's position. Just speaking with her filled my heart with hope!

One of the first things that Sally did was to recommend that our son have his vision and hearing evaluated by specialists that she knew and with whom she had worked closely. Not just their vision and hearing acuity but the processing from the brain to the eyes and from the brain to the ears. While our son had perfect hearing acuity, the audiologist informed us that his auditory processing was in the l0th percentile. He was hearing us, but he was unable to process most of what we were saying. In addition, we found that he was unable to distinguish what was being said at all as soon as background noises rose to a certain, very low level. It was as if he was trying to hear and learn in a noisy cocktail party. Likewise, the Neuro-Optometrist that Sally recommended agreed with the prior eye exams that our son did indeed have near perfect vision, but his visual processing was severely low. He ranked near the 1st percentile. Through this evaluation we also discovered that his eyes did not track well, converge to make single vision well, nor focus well. No wonder he could not read!!!

If it had not been for Sally's wise recommendations, we would never have known that his eyes and ears were not working properly. As Sally puts it, he was "trying to run a marathon with a broken leg." (And figuratively speaking, we were on the sideline yelling at him to "hurry up!")

By the beginning of third grade, we had our son enrolled four days a week in speech therapy. Before starting the ST we completed a 10 day Bone Conduction intensive at the clinic and then began the iListen Bone Conduction home program 5 days a week. This new technology is provided by Advanced Brain Technology. We needed to decrease the auditory hypersensitivity and jump start the auditory processing system so that he could begin to learn. We also enrolled him in a vision therapy program with the Neuro-Optometrist. We had to normalize these two enormously important systems so that he could process auditory and visual information and therefore be able to learn academically. He also did the Learning Ears program to help with reading. He used a studio microphone and an audio mixer to allow him to hear himself through bone conduction and did his reading work with this additional input.

Because both auditory therapy and vision therapy occurred at the same time, I am not able to pinpoint which therapy had the most impact. His success was all we needed to see. I can definitely pinpoint Sally's wealth of knowledge and willingness to think outside the box as being the number one reason our son is now, after working only one year with Sally, a happy and successful fourth grade student at a school for the bright and gifted. He is reading on grade level and on the last evaluation was in the 86th percentile for visual processing!! He no longer has difficulty hearing in noise and the auditory hypersensitivity has normalized. Wow!!

Our family is truly thankful for all that Sally did for us. We would recommend her and her services to anyone with a child struggling to read or with language delays. By the way, we saw such marked improvements in our son's sensory issues, creativity and expressive language development that our whole family is using the Listening program now!"

Bone Conduction & The Listening Program


"We never really had a clear name or diagnosis for what we knew was going on with our daughter in dealing with sounds and sensory and how it impacted her entire life. Her world was getting closed in more as time passed us by. She was unable to tolerate being outdoors due to phobias of insects, especially anything that flies. Being out among people was proving impossible with her sensitive auditory, her poor social skills and her phobias. She was extremely sensitive to foods, clothing, had digestive disorders, difficulty sleeping and had to have someone with her at all times. She also had difficulty learning concepts and was unable to master her grade level work. We heard about Sally Bober and Bone Conduction from a dear friend and after a lot of research we decided to look into the program. While having a phone conversation with Sally, the missing pieces of the puzzle began to fit together. We began the two week intensive Bone Conduction program and what a difference it made in her life!

We knew going into the program that it would take consistent and diligent work on our part once the system was in place to retrain the brain. Within only a couple of days we started seeing so many good things happening and it opened up a whole new world for her and for us. Along with the Bone Conduction treatment came retraining of old learned behavior in every aspect. But, that is a good thing! Knowing her limits but then pushing a little further at each opportunity every day was what we strived to do. We began the home program of listening and with Sally’s guidance in each area we are working on, we continue to make progress each and every day.

To see her today being able to interact socially with family and friends, attend church, develop patience and tolerance for others, learn decision making and showing empathy for others is miraculous to observe. She can actually have fun times outside with less bug phobias and meltdowns. She is able to tolerate noises in public places with the improvement of auditory processing. She has learned to sleep alone with no anxiety of the noises. She is beginning to try new foods to eat with less stomach discomfort and a good attitude. We can actually sit down at a meal and know that we will enjoy it. We have also noted a drastic improvement scholastically and a new found love for learning. This is only a short list of areas of improvements and changes that have been observed. We love our new daughter!

The progress she has made has been so amazing to watch and to experience it with her. It really sinks in how far we have come when other people notice the changes and ask what we are doing differently. The difference lies within the Listening Program and Bone Conduction and foremost with Sally’s guidance. Her expertise in the field and the dedication she has for everyone to succeed to the fullest potential is what it takes. What a joy it is to see our daughter gain confidence and self esteem! Each day we continue on our journey and with each new accomplishment we are so grateful. The guidance Sally has given us is priceless!"


"Our four-year-old son, Tad, started seeing Sally Bober and participating in the Bone Conduction therapy in May 2011. Since we live over 80 miles away from her office it was challenging to get Tad to her for the ten days of Bone Conduction in-clinic intensive, but it was worth it! After the two weeks of therapy to jump start the auditory system we are now doing the iListen daily in the comfort of our home. Since starting the therapy Tad has made many improvements developmentally and physically. He had been diagnosed with Immune System Dysfunction Disorder, chronic Otitis Media, hundreds of rounds of antibiotics, Sensory Processing Disorder and a Developmental Speech Disorder. What else?!!!

That same year Tad was diagnosed with a mild to moderate hearing loss in one ear and a severe hearing loss in the other ear and was fitted with binaural hearing aids. Two months after beginning the iListen home program Tad had a follow-up hearing evaluation. At that re-evaluation Tad tested with NORMAL hearing. The professionals were shocked at the remarkable improvement noted. We believe that the Bone Conduction therapy was a key factor in Tad's positive change. The therapy has shown to improve his overall sleep and well-being. His speech is still limited but his receptive language has tremendously improved. Tad's concentration and focus levels have gone from a 2 to a 6--on a scale from 1-10.

Our family will forever be thankful to Sally Bober and the Bone Conduction therapy produced by Advanced Brain Technologies. We will continue the weekly listening under her guidance and look forward to more advancement of his skills."


"Our son Will has had an aversion to food since he was two months old. As he grew, his development became more and more delayed. After working with several therapists for years, he made little to no progress eating, and fell more behind developmentally. He barely subsisted eating cheerios and drinking his bottle. We were recommended to Sally by a friend and went for an initial visit. We were impressed by her knowledge and for the first time felt that someone knew what our son needed.

We started right away on The Listening Program with bone conduction and three days in we noticed a difference in our son. He was calmer and not reacting to loud noises as he did before. Sally started using oral motor tools with our son for two months and actually taught him how to chew. At the end of those two months our son was eating five new foods and had given up his bottle! She continued to add more foods into his diet. Sally didn't just tell us what to do she showed us what to do. She showed us how we can help our son. Our son continues to work on his speech and we are seeing huge improvements. Anna, one of Sally's associates, is constantly trying new things to help our son communicate. She modifies and adapts her activities to what Will needs. Just the other day, as I dropped him off for therapy, Will turned to me and for the first time said, "bye-bye, mama." She is wonderful with the PROMPT speech therapy program and truly cares about our son and his progress.

He has continued with The Listening Program that has helped him immensely. Through this program it has changed our son for the better. He is more aware of his surroundings, he is starting to say words, and he is starting to recognize shapes, letters, and numbers.

experience has been nothing but wonderful with Sally Bober and Associates. Sally and her associates are caring, loving, and respectful. They treat our son as if he was one of their own and they genuinely care about his progress. We would recommend Sally Bober and her associates to anyone!"


"I will never know exactly what possessed me to convince my husband that we needed to drop everything, pack up our car and two children, and drive from Phoenix to Plano for two weeks, but I will be forever grateful that we did. After spending countless hours researching how we could help our youngest son, then four years old, I came across The Listening Program on a multitude of websites. Upon further research and a call placed to ABT (Advanced Brain Technologies), Sally Bober was the name that arose time and time again. Something in my gut told me that we needed to make this trip, and I can honestly say that this trip forever changed our lives. Sally helped us secure our long-awaited diagnosis of sensory processing disorder (SPD), shared with us a wealth of knowledge about the latest and most innovative techniques, and opened our eyes to therapeutic doors we didn't even know existed. While we still have work to do--and probably always will--we now know that the sky is the limit for Andrew. The child who didn't speak until he was almost three is the same child who told me today that he either wants to be a pilot or a dentist, and I have no doubt in my mind that he could do either.

We largely credit The Listening Program and Bone Conduction (both intensively with Sally and then under her guidance at home) with the tremendous strides that Andrew has made with auditory processing, coordination, attention, voice inflection, and patience. He is excelling academically and has done nothing but make forward progress since the moment he stepped through Sally Bober's doors. Although we still live in Arizona, it is Sally's advice I still seek when we have questions or are about to begin a new program or protocol. Sally is an expert in her field, and she gives her heart and soul to ensure that each and every child reaches his or her fullest potential. She has done it for our family, and she will do it for yours."


"After leaving Louisiana for Plano, Texas three years ago, our son was diagnosed with autism. He had been receiving services in Louisiana for some time with no results. We consulted with doctors and parents and they all pointed to Sally Bober. When you hear the same name of a referral source more than a few times, you begin to trust that recommendation. Sally is in the forefront of the industry regarding new therapies and implementing those that do work to produce results.

Our son came out of his autistic world into our world after Sally introduced him to The Listening Program and later Bone Conduction. These changes helped my son resolve his spatial awareness issues and after ONE hour he said "dada", "opa" and "oma" which are words for grandparents!

Sally bonds with the children and gets them to be the best that they can be."


"Prior to Bone Conduction my son was a child who could not tolerate any situation with loud noises or too much auditory stimulation. That really limits where you can confidently go with your child. Thank goodness we did Bone Conduction at the right time for our family.

Luke is the "poster child" of the desired response you hope for with Bone Conduction. The results for him were very dramatic. He was finally able to process auditory sounds and not become over-stimulated or agitated at the situation. His language skills began emerging and many of the dysfluencies in his speech disappeared after a few days of Bone Conduction. I would highly recommend Bone Conduction."

Feeding Therapy


Our son, Cannon, has had reflux from birth. He was never a big eater and when we started purees and solids he was unable to swallow, chew, and move food around his mouth without gagging, and vomiting.

He’d always been a small baby, but he wasn’t able to gain weight as he vomited up most of his intake. A feeding tube was mentioned by physicians on several occasions as a possibility if he continued down this path.

When we met Sally, she was confident she could help Cannon’s gagging and eating. She jumped right in, giving lots of instruction, working with Cannon one-on-one, and teaching me how to help him at home.

When we graduated from Sally’s care, Cannon was able to eat 73 different foods. Since then, he’s tried and mastered even more. His gagging and vomiting have stopped, and he’s slowly gaining weight.

Sally is firm, but incredibly kind, and Cannon looked forward to their sessions. She expected a lot from Cannon and us as parents, but I feel it was worth every minute.

Thank you, Sally, for your wisdom, patience, and nurturing heart. We love you!


"The feeding program helped my child develop tolerances to all kinds of different textures. It truly opened his world to new types of foods and us as a family on the right track for a well-balanced diet."


"Cassie would not try any fruits or vegetables and was highly resistant to introduction of any new foods. Now, after Sally's hard work, Cassie eats vegetables and fruits and she is more open to trying many new foods. Feeding therapy has been very successful for my child and helped her get through chemotherapy."


"My son used to be a picky eater and non-verbal with hardly 2 breakfast and lunch items and not allowing any fruits and nutritional foods, which was a big concern for us. He used to have a lot of gag whenever we offered him food different than his routine. We started seeing different doctors for his autism condition but his foot habits were never improved.

Our 5-year-old son started feeding therapy with Sally Bober in December 2014 and within a few months we started seeing results, he started trying new foods and his gag reduced a lot. It was so amazing that Sally was able to handle him within a few weeks with great compliance and no crying; also my son tried 55 new foods in 8 months which is a great improvement.

After 8 months of therapy, my son now can eat almost all the food items that we eat at home and we no longer have to mash rice as he can chew well. This is the happiest thing for us in the Autism journey. Also we have seen improvements in his speech. We are always thankful to Sally for helping my son within a short span of time, Sally is wonderful to work with."


"Our son Logan (age 4) was one of the pickiest eaters I’ve ever seen. Ever since he was an infant he had issues with only eating particular foods. I think a lot of his issues stemmed from multiple ear infections, ear tube surgery, eardrum repair surgery and just being sick a lot. He seemed to have a lot of hypersensitivities to tastes and sounds. Lawn mowers, loud cars or motorcycles, even the vacuum cleaner would really aggravate and “fire” him up.

As far as food goes, Logan’s only real meals included milk, chicken nuggets, Goldfish crackers, pancakes and Cheerios. When it came to carbs this kid would eat any cracker, bread, or chip under the sun but absolutely NO vegetables, fruits, meats or any combination foods (like casseroles). Not even the most basic foods that every kid loves Logan would not touch: hot dogs, hamburgers, French fries, pizza, cookies, etc. We tried all of this stuff and our son wouldn’t eat any of it. At his 4-year doctor visit we found out that Logan had not gained hardly any weight since the year before and we knew something had to be done.

I did a lot of research to find sally Bober & Associates and I’m SO glad I did. Within 1-2 visits Logan was already less resistant to eating. He still offered quite a lot of resistance but she had him trying new foods within 4 weeks. We started noticing that Logan was less frustrated and less resistant at mealtime. We also went through Ms. Sally’s auditory program which had a huge impact on his hypersensitivities to sound. Within a few months Logan was eating new foods, trying things he had never tried before, and actually enjoying meals. We were able to start going to restaurants without packing our whole kitchen with his preferred foods. His bathroom habits improved, his overall behavior improved and our quality of life improvement was immeasurable. Thank you Ms. Sally for all you did for our son Logan. We know we have to continue your good work but the value is beyond comprehension."


"Our son, McCulloch, was born with reflux and from then on he had a difficult time adjusting to eating. It was noticeable when transitioning to baby foods & again when transitioning to solids. It was most noticeable in relation to texture, color and smell.

Our journey with our HIGHLY SENSITIVE boy started at age 3 when at the recommendation of his preschool teacher, we took him to see a play therapist. She was the first professional to suggest he was Highly Sensitive and started working with him on relaxation techniques to calm him when we became over stimulated in different social situations. However, she did not have any experience with feeding therapy and so recommended we try another therapy office that specializes in feeding therapy along with work on his vestibular system. Well, it turned out the feeding program there was very weak and after 1 year and thousands of dollars later he was still not showing any progress with eating a well balanced diet and actually started to show signs of regression even more!

Thankfully, through the "mom network" in our neighborhood I heard about Sally Bober. My husband and I discussed whether or not we should go with a more well known local Feeding Therapy program or try Sally based on actual results we had heard about with our neighborhood friends. After our initial evaluation with Sally I had a calm feeling that this might actually work with our son!

He started therapy in January 2017 with 4 foods (dry Cheerios, peanut butter sandwiches, chips, steak -- no fruits or veggies & only water or milk to drink) and finished in August 2017 after successfully eating 50+ healthy foods!!! It was a long road with some bumps along the way that made me want to give up, but we pushed through and I'm so glad we did! Sally's unique & vitally important background in Speech Pathology helped diagnose a lip & tongue tie as well as overly large tonsils that were holding him back from trying new foods out of fear of gagging. Once the surgery was complete and he had healed we noticed a big change in his willingness to try new foods and adjust to them more rapidly. His gag decreased over time and he has assimilated into school lunch time so well. He actually ASKS to eat from the school cafeteria, which I never would have dreamed would be possible last year when he was eating the same 3 foods I packed in his lunch each day. The lessons learned & success that we had did not stop once our sessions with Sally were over. Her methods transition amazingly well after the program ends.

We would recommend Sally to anyone that had a child with feeding problems. She seems to be the most knowledgeable and experienced professional relating to a Feeding Therapy program and I cringe to think about the position we would be in today with our son had we not picked this program to help him. Her firm, yet loving environment, is the absolute perfect mix for a successful program."