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Frequently Asked Questions

I have reviewed the information on your website. How do I know if any of these things would benefit my child?

It is a good first step to come to the clinic for a free consultation and demonstration of the different therapies that we offer. 

Does my child always have to do a complete evaluation before we can begin therapy?

If your child has had a complete Speech/Language evaluation within the last year and you do not feel as if he/she has made dramatic changes during that time, it is possible to use that evaluation, long term goals and short term goals.  If you do not have an evaluation from another clinic/public school, etc. then the child must be fully evaluated at our clinic. 

Can I speak to any other parents from your clinic that could give me information on what to expect from the different therapies?

Absolutely, you can review the video testimonies, the written testimonies and we can also give you a list of names to contact.

Will you help our family with case management?  We are confused as to what to do first, next, etc.  Should we get an audiological evaluation or possibly a biomedical evaluation, etc.?

We will help you decide what pieces of the puzzle are important to change with your child.  We work with a strong team of professionals that will assist us in this problem solving.