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Learning Ears | Intensive Auditory Processing Program

Learning Ears

Learning Ears is an innovative program developed by Gayle Moyers of Moyers Learning Systems to teach reading skills to those individuals that struggle on a day-to-day basis with reading, spelling and/or academics. She has over thirty years experience as an academic specialist and knows intuitively how to help build the basic building blocks of learning.

Learning Ears is an intensive auditory processing program. Gayle knew that these processing skills must be developed through intensive training and that daily listening and practice were critical to their success. She built her program so that learners who had developed poor self concept and poor confidence due to lack of auditory processing skills, could be successful and feel positive about their reading experience. To date she has taught only a handful of professionals to be providers of Learning Ears. We are proud that Sally was certified in one of the first classes that she taught several years ago. Our speech-language treatment clinic is now able to incorporate this vital program into the therapy services offered to our clients.

Learning Ears has been found to improve the following:

  • alertness for auditory input
  • listening auditory input
  • attention, focus and energy
  • coordination and muscle tone
  • ability to localize sound
  • body awareness
  • left/right discrimination
  • phonemic awareness
  • language and communication
  • memory
  • verbal expression
  • vocal control
  • auditory cohesion
  • academic learning
  • motivation for learning
  • energy for learning
  • intuition and creativity
  • problem solving skills
  • reading accuracy and decoding
  • reading fluency
  • reading comprehension

One of the clients described their Learning Ears experience with "It makes my ears smarter."